Nargisi Kofta Curry

Spicy curry which can be used with Meat Balls with Stuffed Eggs (called Nargisi Kofta) or for just simple Meat balls.

Manksho Jhol

Mutton Cooked in Light Gravy. An all time favorite in East India. Servings: 4 | Time To Prepare: 2 hour | Submitted By: Shantanu Nag Ingredients 2, lb Meat (lamb or goat) 5, pods Garlic 1.5, inch Ginger 2, medium Onion 8, Red Chili  (dried) 5, Cardamom 1/2, inch Cinnamon 5, Cloves 1/4, tsp Mace 6, Peppercorns 1, tsp Coriander Powder 1/2, tsp Cumin Seed Powder 2, large Potato 5, tbsp Cooking Oil 1, tsp Ghee to taste Salt 3, cups Water 1, bunch Cilantro 1, tsp Turmeric powder 1/2, tsp Sugar 2, Bay Leaf […]

Mangshor ghugni

Minced Mutton with chick-peas. This preparation is very famous in Bengal, a good accompany with Radhaballobhi or Luchi.

Mutton Rezala

Mutton cooked in Mughlai style. The preparation is unique, and if you follow the steps then you will be licking your fingers after you are done.

Mankshor Dalna

A quick and easy to cook mutton preparation. Very tasty with very less spices. You will be surprised that mutton can be cooked with so less spices. Try it today!!

Echor Manksho Jhol

Mutton cooked with unripened jackfruit (echor) and potato. Its is a full meal, and this recipe turns out very tasty. Famous Bengali delicacy. Use canned Jackfruit if fresh not available. Must try it out.