Almonds are oval shaped nuts brown color with sweet flavor. To blanch almonds hold in boiling water for two minutes. Remove and when cool enough hold between fingers and press the hard skin will peel off. To toast bake in preheated oven at 325 deg Fahrenheit (166 deg centigrade) for about six minutes till begins to change color and allow to cool.


Asafetida (Hing) is the dried latex from the rhizome of plant of fennel family. Produced in Afghanistan and Iran. It has a very strong pungent and a unpleasant flavor. Used in lentils, vegetables and pickles. It is available as fine yellow powder and only a pinch is to be used because of its very strong aroma


Aniseeds (Saunf) is a spice having aromatic and sweet taste. Used in many Indian preparations, some sweets and candies. These are also taken as raw and blended with sugar, nuts and spices as mouth refresher after meals.


Asparagus is a delicately flavored vegetable that grow as stem. It is available fresh and also tinned and are long slender like vegetable that mostly grow in spring and summer. The tender tip has a delicate flavor. These are available in all grocery stores.


Apple is the most common and widely taken and cultivated fruit in the world. These are available best from October to April. Buy only firm & without blemishes and wrinkles. Available in red, green and reddish yellow. Apples have a good food value — ‘ An apple a day keeps the doctor away ‘ – as the saying goes. 3 oz provides about 50 calories and are rich in fruit sugar, vitamins, iron, and potassium .

All Purpose Flour

All purpose flour (maida) is a finely ground wheat flour used mainly for baking dishes. Store in an air tight container.