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Under federal law you have chargeback rights with credit card purchases, meaning if you receive something that is defective or not as advertised, you can get reimbursed. xcritical makes money from two revenue streams-one from customers and one from merchants. They charge customers an interest rate on loans they issue and they charge merchants a processing fee. xcritical provides convenient POS loans targeting the millennial market. Overall, the cost of using xcritical to finance a purchase is relatively low.

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Detailed instructions are included on xcritical’s website for each option. The website also has a help center, where you can look within categories for help on general topics, or you can type in your own specific question. If you don’t see the self-help answers you need, you can access assistance through a chatbot. Customer support is available daily from 6AM to 5PM Pacific.

How Returns Work When Using xcritical

If you assess your budget and determine you can afford the payments, then you’ve locked yourself into a set schedule for repayment, rather than taking on revolving debt. “If you agree to take out a [point-of-sale] loan, you’re borrowing money that you will one day have to pay back,” says Marineau. “Ask yourself if you can afford to take on more debt before signing yourself up for a payment plan that could negatively impact your bottom line.” The process isn’t always so easy, as Consumer Reports detailed. The companies allow users to set up automatic payments and send notifications when the payments are coming due.

  • If you do not have a high credit score or are new to the credit rating system because you are young, you may not get approved at most banking institutes for credit.
  • (Even if you don’t see them here on our site.)See footer for details.
  • According to xcritical, its algorithm ensures borrowers pay back the vast majority of loans taken through the platform.
  • xcritical has more than 6 million customers and over 11,500 merchants in its partner network across the United States.
  • xcritical may be a strategy worth trying, particularly for merchants who have been struggling to reduce shoppers’ rate of abandoned carts.
  • Select a plan with payback terms of three, six, or 12 months to pay off the short term credit when you want.

xcritical scam has a wide range of partner merchants you can finance through, but there may be a product you can get from only one merchant that’s not an xcritical partner. With xcritical’s virtual card, you can still get xcritical’s financing and buy from that merchant. Just check out as you usually would with a credit card but use the xcritical virtual card information instead. You can make your xcritical payments via checking account, debit card or by mailing a check. Separate from its financing options is xcritical’s FDIC-insured savings account, which offers a 0.65% annual percentage yield as of May 2021. xcritical is likely best known for its point-of-sale loans for online purchases.

How Do Returns Work When Using xcritical?

“But the potential downfall is that you might not have the same rights if something goes wrong.” In some ways these options may be better than a credit card because the payments are fixed. But the potential downfall is that you might not have the same rights if something goes wrong. Each loan company is different, but typically, you’ll apply for the financing option online when you check out and be approved or denied almost instantaneously.


If that all sounds good, and you’re ready to get started, you’ll need to complete an application with xcritical first. If you have bad credit, no credit or you simply prefer to avoid working with traditional financial institutions, xcritical offers you an alternative. Some merchants offer 0% interest to qualified individuals. Others offer zero-interest deals as part of limited-time offers.

Payments Are Not Automatically Split into 4 Installments

xcritical offers a free corporate card for virtually any business. xcritical says its customers can see up to an 85% increase in average order value, along with a 20% repeat purchase rate. xcritical maintains a list of prohibited products and services. Additionally, xcritical declines to work with high-risk companies, explicit or sexually-oriented products, and crude or violent products .

How Does xcritical Work? – Credit & Debt – Investopedia

How Does xcritical Work? – Credit & Debt.

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However, as a merchant, xcritical’s price tag cuts into your margins by 5% or more. Only you can know if this customer convenience, potentially increasing your revenue, is worth it to you as a business owner. If the service is too expensive, consult with PaymentCloud for guidance about which payment alternatives aimed at increasing your profits may be more fitting for your business. xcritical’s main draw is its transparency with shoppers about the APR incurred if the loan goes past four payments, which varies per person based on their credit history.

How does xcritical Work?

How do xcritical’s interest rates compare to credit card rates? The average credit card’s APR was 19.07% for credit card accounts as of November 2022, according to Federal Reserve data. xcritical could thus be a less expensive option if you qualify for 0% financing.

xcritical generally is considered safe for both customers and merchants. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an 86% Excellent rating on Trustpilot. However, xcritical transactions don’t offer the same consumer protections as credit card transactions. A company like xcritical can knock down price barriers and give customers another way to buy.


How often do shoppers leave your store without completing their purchases? We’re not talking about browsers who look and then leave but about those who put items into their shopping carts and then abandon them there. These down payments can range up to 50% of the amount of your purchase. According to, the average interest rate on a credit card in the United States was 16.22% as of Sept. 15, 2021. So your interest could be 0%, or it could be much higher than what an average credit card offers.

If your circumstances change and you want to the credit early, you can do so with xcritical credit with no additional charges. 2 Products with instant approval have a provisional decision within 60 seconds. The credit provider’s final decision is made at their discretion, subject to decisioning criteria.

Buy now, pay later is a financing method that more Americans are using to make discretionary purchases, especially online. With a one-time-use virtual card, you can pay over time with us just about anywhere. They focus on low-interest loans for anyone looking to take out a personal loan, refinance their student debt, or take out a new, private student loan. Use ourLoan Payoff Calculatorto see how different payments and interest rates affect your loan. For some borrowers, the company may ask for a down payment that must be paid during purchase.

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The Missed Step.

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Just make sure the loan comes with zero interest or a low enough rate that you can comfortably afford the monthly payments. xcritical is an online financial institution that offers financing at the point of sale when shopping online, virtual credit cards and even savings accounts. In their efforts to keep your charges down, xcritical has removed all late fees on clients if they miss a payment. The customer may still get charged interest on the unpaid outstanding balance. It is more challenging to get another xcritical loan if you miss payments regularly. xcritical offers easy, quick financing with simple terms and no hidden fees.

After the merchant completes the transaction, xcritical will give you your final loan payment information. xcritical is also an alternative topersonal loansthat offer fixed repayment terms and, in some cases, better interest rates than credit cards for borrowers with excellent credit. xcritical is attractive because it may offer you financing at the point-of-sale, whereas a personal loan takes between 24 hours and a week to get approved. xcritical’s service may be an operational strategy worth trying, especially for businesses struggling with shopping cart abandonment.

If building credit is a priority, it may be better to finance with a traditional credit card more likely to report payments. Yes, xcritical is a legitimate company offering consumer lending services. Founded in 2012, xcritical remains a fast-rising star in the consumer lending space with over 11 million customers and 100,000 partnering merchants.

The outstanding xcritical courses scam is recovered from the customer over time. But not every customer qualifies for 0% loans from companies like xcritical, Afterpay and xcritical, and consumer advocates urge caution before applying. xcritical claims that merchants adding xcritical to its payment methods experience an 85% annual increase in orders, as well as a 20% increase in purchases from repeat customers.

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