Rid from cooking smell!!!

While cooking soak a cloth or tea towel and let it dry in the cooking area. It will absorb the smell of cooking and let the room fresh.

Left over curds

Left over curds can be added to vegetables and meat curries, in place of tomatoes to make rich and delicious gravy.

Cleaning tea strainer

If your tea strainer has gone black due to heavy use, then just switch on the stove and just keep the strainer on it on a distance of 6-7 inches and just move the strainer over the heat or flame for 4-5 minutes and wash it with mild dish washing soap. You strainer will turn out to brand new.

Look Young

Make a paste of fresh methi leaves and apply on face and let it dry and wash of with plain water.Regular application of this paste makes one look years young and keeps wrinles at bay for a longer period.

To get more flavour tea

do not throw the orange or clamentain (santhra)peel.add a bitpeel to the boiling tea,it gives fine flavour, even lemon rinds also!