Green Mango

Mango which is not fully ripe and is still green in color. It is, though, surprising that the unripe fruit gives a remarkable spice much used in Northern India.

Garbanzo beans

Garbanzo Beans (chick peas). Also called Kabuli chana. Available in cans. Ready to use, no need to soak in water overnight. Soak overnight to reduce cooking time, Rinse and drain thoroughly For 1 cup beans, add 4 cups water, Cover and simmer 1.5 – 2 hours (2.5 – 3 hours if not soaked), Yields approx. […]

Ground Peanuts

Raw peanuts with skin. Peanuts, either raw, roasted or even boiled in salted water, can be enjoyed as a light snack. They may also be added to some dishes like pulao to add a crunchy taste to the dish.

Green Banana

These green bananas will ripen to a bright yellow in 3 to 4 days when their sugars will be fully developed and they will be ready to eat. All bananas are harvested green because, when they are left to ripen on the plant, their texture and flavor deteriorate. The banana tree is considered by botanists […]


Ghee is the clarified butter and is used in most Indian preparations. Ghee is prepared by boiling cream of cow’s or buffalo’s milk. To be slowly simmered to remove moisture till light golden brown color and then strain to remove the milk solids. It is available ready made in glass bottles in Indian grocery stores