Madras Curry Paste

This paste from the Madras region combines coriander, cumin and red chillies for a strong authentic flavour. Madras Curry Paste has a bitterness from cumin and heat from chilli. Ingredients: Canola Oil, Coriander, Salt, Water, Cumin, Turmeric, Chile Pepper, Corn Flour, Tamarind, Ginger, Garlic, Spices, Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid.


Legend has it that upon being served a dish of this food, an early Italian sovereign exclaimed “Ma caroni!” meaning “how very dear.” This semolina-and-water pasta does not traditionally contain eggs. Most macaronis are tube-shape, but there are other forms including shells, twists and ribbons. Among the best-known tube shapes are: elbow (a short, curved tube); ditalini (tiny, very short tubes); mostaccioli (large, 2-inch-long tubes cut on the diagonal, with a ridged or plain surface); penne (large, straight tubes cut on the diagonal); rigatoni (short, grooved tubes); and ziti (long, thin tubes). Most macaronis almost double in size during cooking. The Italian spelling of the word is maccheroni.

Mocha (Dry Banana Flower)

Mocha is the flower or spandex of the Banana plant. The type that is commonly found in the market is the end portion of the spandex which is chopped off after the banana is formed. It is purple in color. The other variety is the larger and greener which is cut from the banana tree before any fruit has matured. The purple or green leaves of the spandex are inedible. Only the inner immature banana fruit is eaten and even then care must be taken to remove the stylus.

Methi Leaves

Fenugreek Leaves. You will not find this in any of the big supermarkets. But if you go to any Asian greengrocers you will find a plentiful supply of it. Like coriander, ‘Methi’ is sold in bunches. It is used to make vegetable dishes and the leaves are added to many meat dishes too e.g.. Methi Chicken. How To Use Methi Or Fenugreek Leaves 1. Remove each and every leaf whole from the stalks. In coriander you also use the stalks but here we just use the leaves. 2. When you have removed all the leaves – chop them finely and they are ready to use. 3. You can wash and chop the ‘Methi’ leaves. Pat dry and freeze them. It’s handy for when you want to use them in a hurry. 4. Methi leaves can also be dried and they are great for when you don’t have a fresh supply of methi at home. When dried the leaves are called ‘Kasoori Methi’. Dried Kasoori Methi is great when added to Tandoori Chicken Marinades – and also wonderful when added to fish curries.

Meat Masala

Please refer to the Spices Section under Recipes for making this masala.


Similar to all purpose flour.

Mango Chutney

Mangoes cooked with sugar and a blend of spices to produce a sweet accompaniment traditionally served with Indian meals. The chutney can also be added to curries while cooking for a sweet taste. Try as a spread for sandwiches or even with mathris.