Elish Macher Pulao

Spicy Elish Fish cooked with Basmati Rice. Yummy!!! Fast to cook. Can use rice cooker to make it.

Szechwan Chili Chicken

Deadly Chicken Cooked With Chilies Chinese Style. Servings: 4 | Time To Prepare: 20 min | Submitted By: Pallob Nag Ingredients 1, lb boneless breast, cooked  Chicken to taste Salt 1, white Egg 1/3, cup Cooking Oil 1.5, tbsp Corn Flour 1/2, inch, sliced Ginger 3, diced Red Chili pepper (dried) 1, small green or red Bell Pepper 5, sliced Green Chili 4, tbsp Soya Sauce 2, tbsp Vinegar 1, tsp Ajinomoto Instructions Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Add  salt, egg white, […]

Rajma (Kidney Beans)

Red Kidney Beans Cooked with oriental spices. Rajma and Chawl (Rice) is a very popular combination of Northern India.