English Fish Fry

An wonderful tasty fish fry preparation. “Fish Fry” with bhetki (the preferred fish for making fish fry in Bengal) is really very easy and it is the hot favorite item in every wedding feast.

Green Chutney

One of the most popular chutney made with fresh mint and cilantro leaves which adds spice to snacks. Servings:  | Time To Prepare: 10 Minutes | Submitted By: J.K. Nag Ingredients 1, Cup Mint Leaves 1, Cup Cilantro 3, Green Chili 1, Lemon 0.5, Tsp Salt Instructions Wash mint and cilantro . Grind mint, cilantro, green chili and salt in an electric grinder to a fine […]

Elish Macher Pulao

Spicy Elish Fish cooked with Basmati Rice. Yummy!!! Fast to cook. Can use rice cooker to make it.