Pui shaag with Chingree

Separate the leaves from the stem of Pui shaag. Cut the stems into about two inch pieces. Cut brinjal, pumpkin and potato into pieces. Add turmeric  powder and salt to all the vegetables.

Scotch Eggs

A tasty snack made of minced meat ball stuffed with boiled egg. It can be eaten as a snack or can be used to make Nargisi Kofta.

Lobhia Dal

Soak overnight the black eyed  beans (lobhia) in sufficient water. Add six cups of water to all the ingredients from black eye beans to sugar in a large pan.


Sweat balls made from Bonde. A very tasty Ladoo – really difficult to resist eating a dozen at a time!

Potol Er Dalna

Parwal curried with potato – specialty of Bengal. Very tasty and fast to cook. Try it today!!