Potato Onion Tomato Curry

Potato cooked with tomatoes and onions in an authentic Bengali style. Easy to prepare and tastes very good. Serve with luchi/puri at breakfast.

Alu Jhinga Posto

Traditional delicacy of Bengal. Poppy seeds are cooked in many different ways and a must for almost everyday meal for people of Midnapore region of Bengal. A tasty preparation using potato, ridged gourd and poppy seeds.

Alu Jhuri Bhaja

Finely chopped crispy fried potato. Eat it just like that or as a side dish with Lentil & Rice

Alu Pyaz Bhaji

Potato and Onion fried together to make a tasty preparation. Fast to cook and tasty to eat. Goes well with Puri

Pui shaag with Chingree

Separate the leaves from the stem of Pui shaag. Cut the stems into about two inch pieces. Cut brinjal, pumpkin and potato into pieces. Add turmeric  powder and salt to all the vegetables.